Monday, 27 October 2008

Fall happenings

Hello, all! I have not written in some time and thought I'd update you just a little on what's going on in my (cold and already-winter) world of Edinburgh.

A little update from the academic front:
1. I have just declined a position as an English tutor next semester. This was a very difficult decision, which I was advised a great deal on by my current two supervisors as well as my mentor from the States, Wendy. Here, the post-grad students conduct tutorials; they are not "TA's," or teacher's assistants, as they are back home. The position earns a nominal amount of pay and is sought after more for the teaching experience it furnishes one's CV with. For several reasons, including the poor translation of tutor back home, I have declined because I must stay focused on my own research. If I take a fourth year to finish, I will cost me over 9,000 pounds. That's right. A lot of money no matter what the exchange rate is doing by then!

2. I got an office of my own on campus, finally! Well, it's not my own, my own. I will share it with another PhD student, an American girl whom I adore, and who is also a Christian doing an English degree. Obviously, we have a lot in common, and she is a sight for sore eyes in ways I cannot articulate briefly.

3. Chad is hacking away - - maybe I should say crafting away, hacking sounds so clumsy and messy! - - at a paper summarizing the debate about evolution in scientific theory. Next, he is excited to start a paper on what he hopes will become his MA thesis, the life of the mind in the charismatic church. He is happy with his progress and looking forward to graduating next winter!

On a more personal level:
1. We are counting down the weeks until we get to come home for Christmas break! Let me be honest: I've been counting down the days since September!

2. We went to our first ceilidh Friday night (ceilidh is a Scottish dance). It was so much fun, we ourselves even joined in the dancing, a rare sight! I have a short video of one of the dances on my Facebook page if you want to see it for yourself!

Until we speak again, happy trick-or-treating. And happy voting. May the best team win...

All our love,
Kim & Chad