Thursday, 27 November 2008


As this is such an appropriate time to reflect on the things we are grateful for, allow me to kick-off the thanks-giving. (Sorry, I get to beat all of you in America to this with a six hour head start!).

Call it minor, but today I am so grateful for the canned pumpkin from the States I had stashed away in my pantry for a year! I was able to make pumpkin pie because of it. When you are far from home, sometimes it is really is the little things... A can of pumpkin, which I probably paid sixty-four cents for, can make the difference between a blue, homesick Grumblegiving and a happy, nostalgic Thanksgiving.

Trying to do Thanksgiving in a country that neither celebrates it nor carries the staple items needed for a Thanksgiving feast is a somewhat dislocating experience! At least, it reminds me that I am dislocated- not home. It is so funny the way Americans network here for those rarities like corn bread for stuffing, Turkey bags, those crunchy little fried onion things for green bean casserole, and, as you know by now, canned pumpkin! A black market Walmart would make a killing here. I have found one store in Edinburgh that sells some of the American basics. I blew a gasket the first time I went in to Lupe Pintos and saw Nabisco graham crackers, white marshmallows, Jiffy cornbread mix, corn tortillas, and, yes, canned pumpkin! I happily paid four pounds (then equivalent to eight dollars!) for a jar of chipotle salsa; though, I have to admit I was pretty annoyed when I saw on the back that it was made in Houston, Texas. (I'm hearing that old Pace Picante Sauce commercial in my head right now: "Made in New York city!") I paid eight dollars for a jar of salsa from Texas that probably costs one-fifty there!

Chad and I will be celebrating with another American family, the Thornberrys. I hope you share the day with some people you love as well.

I'll let you know how my pumpkin pie tastes!

Take a moment to share with us a few things you are thankful for. Your comments will post here for the readers to see.


  1. I entitled my menu for Thankgiving this year, "A Farmstead Thanksgiving". Let's just say, my 'Martha Sterwart' complex was in full force...with twenty different items on the menu, yes twenty! Everything was made from scratch, even the homemade butterscotch for the pies and the roasted pumpkins for the soup. I also did a buttermilk brined turkey, which was delicous if I do say so myself!
    So this morning, the day after Thanksgiving...I am pooped after four days of cooking and preparation!
    Thinking back on the last few days though, I really enjoyed being in my kitchen with my candles lit, and my 'Autumn to Thanksgiving' playlist playing on my iPod as I prepared for the big feast!
    Sadly, not all of our family was home this year...Scott and Jenni were with his family and of course, Kimie and Chad were across the Pond.
    But we had a few 'strays' with us for the festivites, as we always seem to do. Our home has always been open to anyone who might not have anywhere to go for the one should spend them alone.
    It's not about the food, or the decorations, but sharing the day with the people you love which will always make it be the
    'perfect Thanksgiving'!

  2. I'm thankful for your influence in my life. I'm thankful that I have merciful/gracious friends. I'm thankful for my graveyard shift job. As I'm just about to clock out, I remember how much I wish I had a day job, but am glad I have a amazing job. I'm thankful for Kristen, the woman who hasn't broken up with me yet. I'm thankful for the family who rents out their attic to me and just so happens to be awesome in countless ways. I'm thankful for a mysterious God who hasn't given up on not letting me give up on him. G


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